Supply List


WVMS Wish List

Everyday Items

Money for Library Books
Community Snacks
Plastic Baggies - Ziptop quart & pint sizes
Index Cards
Primary Colors Acrylic Paint
Black & White Acrylic Paint
Art Canvases
Pottery Wheels
Slab Roller
Wire Art Hangers like we had at BAB
Sets of Paint Brushes
Artist Quality Colored Pencils
Oil Pastels
Glazes for Clay
Low Fire Clay


Experiment Materials
Dissection Tools

Small Bikes
Large Tents
Sewing Machines
Photography Supplies
Adventure Learning

Snowshoes - Smaller Sizes
Skis - Smaller Sizes
Ski Poles - Smaller Sizes
Kitchen Items

Kitchen Aid with Attachments
Cutting Boards
Kitchen Knives
Sets of Dishes
Bread Scrapers
Quart/Pint Glass Containers & Lids
Wheat Grinder - to grind our own flour for bread making






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