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"The most striking feature of successful school [is] their willingness and ability to adapt all school practices to students' individual differences in cognitive, biological and social maturation." (Manning)

Students and Families Come First!

Kids here can make mistakes without feeling like they’ll be judged harshly or beaten down.

We believe family time is precious, so the only homework kids have is nightly reading.

WVMS caters to the unique needs of each individual student.

The old-school, segregated approach to schooling focused more on the group than on the individual. In fact, if you were singled out for anything, it was considered a negative.

There are at least five distinctly different learning styles in children, but the old-school approach to teaching doesn’t account for that. They simply impart the knowledge on kids and then expect them to absorb it and reproduce it on a test.

The creative structure at WVMS is designed to accommodate all types of learning. The kids are free to tackle projects however they can. For some that means reading quietly in a corner. For others, it means brainstorming with fellow students.

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